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Agreement in the Danish manufacturing sector 2010-2012

Agreement in the Danish manufacturing sector 2010-2012.

An agreement in the Danish manufacturing sector was reached in the morning Monday the 22nd of February 2010 at 02.00.
The agreement is valid until 1st March 2012 and covers approximately 240.000 employees in the manufacturing sector.

When reading the results, please be aware, that the actual wage formation in this collective bargaining area is done via decentralized local negotiations, taking place during the period of validity of the agreement, normally once a year and at the discretion and initiative of the local shop stewards.


Main points:
Holidays and days off
•The employer can no longer demand that an employee takes remaining special vacation days in his period of notice if the termination of the contract is instigated by the employer.
•Overall Supplement of night work can be converted to days off.
•Constitution day (5th of June) is now a holiday also for white-collar workers.
•The salaries for apprentices are increased by 2 per cent as of March 1st 2010 and by 2,5 per cent. As of 1st March 2011. 
•Apprentices not already covered by pension benefits or insurance schemes, will henceforth be entitled to disability benefits, compensation and insurance in case of critical illness and death.

Equal opportunities
•As of 1st March 2011 the period of paid parental leave is extended by one week for the mother and one week for the father.
•The parties have agreed to establish an Equal Pay Board for consideration of complaints of violations of laws and rules on equal pay.
•Employees employed on night work should be offered free health checks before they begin night work and periodically thereafter approximately every 2nd year.
•As of 1st May 2010 severance pay is introduced as an automatic right in the event of dismissal. The monthly amount of severance pay is calculated as follows, monthly salary minus 15%, from this amount the monthly unemployment benefit is subtracted and you have the monthly severance pay. This amount is payable for a month after 3 years of service. Two months after 6 years of employment and three months after 8 years of employment.

Second common EMF demand on the fight against precarious employment
• New tools will be introduced in order to ensure that the competencies of the employees match the demands of the labour market and the companies. This will help to ensure that the labour force is able to cope with the ever changing demands of a globalised labour market and increase the attractiveness of the individual employee vis-a-vis the companies and the labour market in general. Investing even more in education and training and thereby creating valuable employees, will reduce the incentive for employers to introduce precarious employment conditions.
• The temporary agency workers directive will be implemented in the collective agreement by joint agreement between the parties at the latest 1st of March 2011.
• Pensions. As of 1st of March 2011 pension contributions will be paid already after two months of employment down from the previous nine months. 

• Nuisance bonus is adjusted by the 1.5 per cent. per. March 1, 2010 and by 2 per cent. at 1st March 2011.
The next steps are that other sectors will negotiate their collective agreements, based on the one reached in the manufacturing area. The largest of these agreements is in the transport sector. All the agreements are collected in one document, which is then put to a vote among the members of the relevant organizations. 

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